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Sara + Hoyt // Engaged

When the stars collide.

That's what happened during Sara & Hoyt's session.

The sun was pretty much no where to be found. Great. I really thrive on sunlight and the creamy colors it gives off that hour before sunset. Not happening today.

Okay, I was anxious.

I drove up to Sara's grandparent's home where we would be having the session, greeted by her grandfather who was grilling burgers.

I stepped outside and looked around. Hallelujah, it's gorgeous. There's a lot of land, really green grass and the colors in the trees are calling my name.

As soon as I asked Sara and Hoyt to "go stand over there and just let me take your picture like you'd normally do", I knew it was happening. We were about to have an amazing session. The way these two interact with one another is so pure. So secure. I honestly just stood there after I snapped a dozen photos, then looked at the back of my camera. They didn't need any direction. They were just being, and it was pure magic for me.

I kept thinking to myself, man this overcast day is just killing it! These colors are on point and everything just feels so perfect. It set a mood that I had been longing for in my images.

I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and see things a little differently. Some of these are my favorite images to date.

I honestly cannot wait for their wedding day, because I know it will be one I won't forget!

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