What to Expect


Let's meet!

The first step is getting in touch! You can contact me through telephone [256.405.9626] or email [amanda@awilliamsphotography.com] or directly through my contact form here

I love talking with potential clients in person or on the phone. It helps us connect in a way emails can't. This is when I'm able to answer any immediate questions you have and let you know what all my services entail. 


If you're a wedding client, I will send you the full Wedding Information Guide and we'll schedule a time to sit down and meet over a cup a coffee or tea. Here, we'll go into greater depth about your wedding plans and get to know each other better. If you are a lifestyle client, I would love to sit down and get to know you better before our session as well! This is also when you will have the opportunity to discuss and receive my product guide so that you will be able to start planning what items you'd like have. All of this helps in creating the perfect photography experience for you. 



Secure your date.

The next step is to secure your date. This is done by signing a contract and paying the non-refundable retainer. Wedding clients are responsible for a $600 retainer and lifestyle clients are responsible for the entire session fee of $150. All contracts are completed online. Invoices and payments are also completed online, although other payment options are available. 

If you are a wedding client, you will secure your date at our initial consultation meeting. I will email you the information right then and there, so be sure to bring along your smartphone or tablet. This allows me to answer any additional questions you might have regarding your contract and be sure we're on the same page and everything is squared away. 



Your session.

The third step is the fun part, your session!  We'll meet at a mutually agreed upon location. You can suggest a place that is sentimental to you or we can collaborate ideas. If your session is an engagement session, this is the perfect time to be able to put all the planning aside and just be in the moment with your best friend, your future spouse. 

Sessions typically last 1-2 hours. You may bring along 1-3 outfits to your session, although I cannot always guarantee a private location to change. (Often clients change in their car or a public restroom if one is nearby).

I do not provide props for session, but you are welcome to incorporate them if you would like. Do keep in mind that I aim to achieve a more laid back/documentary style in your images, so I would recommend being selective in your props.


I am also happy to help you select your outfits and any other incorporating items. You can email me any ideas that you have! 



Your wedding.

Okay, so if you're not a lifestyle client, this might arguably be an even more fun part, your wedding! And if you are a lifestyle client, well, you can just skip this step. :)

A few weeks leading up to your wedding date, I will send you a draft itinerary for review and confirmation. There are a few things to factor in when creating your itinerary. Examples are, when you can get into your venue, whether or not you'll have a first look, your ceremony time, your reception departure time, to name a few. All of these questions can be answered in my Wedding Day Questionnaire. You will receive the online quetsionnaire after booking. 

On your wedding date, I will arrive early to scout out your venue in case I haven't had the opportunity to do so already. The next thing I'll do is come find you and meet all of your wedding party! From then on out, I'll be with you every step of the way. This is why is so important to me that we get to know each other early on. 



The Reveal.

This is when you get to see your gallery! Hooray! 

Once your gallery is ready, I will send you an email with a link to view your gallery online. You'll also receive a link to schedule an ordering appointment. I highly recommend opting to complete this step in person. 

You will have the opportunity to physically view the products I offer. As a photographer, it is important to me that you have tangible items to remind you of your precious memories. I cringe when I hear someone say, "I haven't looked at my wedding photos since I got them", or " I'm not even sure where my photos are, they're on a disc somewhere." I  realize that we are living in an era of digital and social media and I respect your desire to have images for sharing on the interwebs, but why stop there? Why put them away to never be seen again? This is why I offer a variety of products such as beautiful framed and matted prints, glass heirloom boxes for print proofs, and gorgeous custom albums. You can see a full list of the products offered here. During your ordering appointment I will help you pick out the best products for you.

You will have the ability to purchase images directly from your online gallery if you do not wish to schedule an in person or Skype ordering appointment. 




- Look over the products offered so you have an idea of what you'd like to get, before the ordering appointment.

- Snap some pictures and measure the areas of your walls that you'd like to hang images on. 

- Come kid free! Many clients take this opportunity to have a date night before or after your ordering appointment. 

- Don't forget to bring along your form of payment! Online payment can be made, so if you plan to go this route, bring your smartphone or tablet so that you can complete your payment. 



Product Pick Up.

Once your products have arrived, I will email you with a link to schedule a pick up time. If you are unable to meet in person, shipping costs will be applied.