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the heart of something

You know how sometimes, you just know when you're in the heart of something good? Something bigger than you? Like, you can feel the chaos going on around you. You tell things are changing, but you just don't know where it's heading.

I'm there.

I'm in the midst of something greater happening around me. I'm sitting here inside this box, trying to get out so I can see what's outside it. There's an opening to the box, I can see that. But, I just can't get outside of it yet. Am I sounding crazy yet? Probably.

I find myself yearning for something deeper, something more powerful. I can feel the rush of the waves coming, but they haven't splashed over me yet. I'm ready. I've got my arms wide open, and I'm ready to embrace those waves. Embrace the chaos. I can't tell you where I'm going, but I have a feeling, once I get there, it's going to be somewhere I've been dying to be.

I hope you'll hang tight with me while I find my way through my own transitions. Some things may change around here. You might have even already noticed a few changes. I might loose some of you, and that's okay because, I'll be finding myself.



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