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Chris + Lisa // Engaged

Chris is a good ole boy. He talks with a southern drawl and a deep voice. Lisa is petite and soft spoken. She's the kind of girl who knows her manners and brings you a hostess gift to your backyard BBQ. They're both genuine, good people. My type of people.

We met in Georgia where Chris and his family own some land. Being from Alabama, I know plenty of people who have a lot of acreage, but not all of those people have such rich history still standing on that land. I find a lot of times the physical structures have diminished. They have preserved some of their history. The bamboo has been there for years and years. The wooden house was owned by his grandfather and you could see some old chairs and items where life used to be lived inside. The land in which they were standing on could very well be where they live and raise their children one day. For me, it seems to give the images more life.

I could not be more excited for these two. They mean a whole lot to my family.

Chris was in our wedding. He and Lisa were one of the first people we called when we found out we were pregnant. They have been supportive of David and I though hard times and good times.

I personally met Chris my sophomore year of college hanging out at his fraternity house. The following summer, my now husband, David joined the same fraternity. Chris is half the reason David joined and I didn't even know him at the time! He had met him unrelated to the fraternity and they got along great. It's ironic now to think about how all of our relationships collided. Chris has stayed a very close friend, we all even lived together at one time. I like to think I inquired a few brothers during my college years, and Chris is one of them.

Chris and Lisa met some years ago, also while in college. I can remember him talking about her and being anxious to see her. Which, didn't really happen before Lisa. I can remember telling him if he didn't hold on to her, she was going to get away. I was happy he had found someone who I and everyone else got along with so well! After finishing up college they both moved to Atlanta where Chris owns a financial firm and Lisa is a teacher. With much anticipation, Chris finally popped the question a few months ago. I knew the minute I got a Face Time call from Lisa! :)

I am honored they asked me to photograph this important time in their lives.

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