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My wedding photography bucket list

We've all got one. A bucket list. Whether you've neatly written it down, or keep it floating in the back of your mind, you've got a list.

I'm quite the list-maker myself. There's not much that's more satisfying to me than crossing an item off a to-do list. I suppose it's because I've only ever seen my to-do list completed once in my life. And really, was it even completed then? I'm sure I had more stuff I could have added to it. My husband jokes (ehh, complains) that my list making is out of control. I even like for my list to be clean. After just crossing some items off, I'll make a new list with nothing crossed off and he'll come in wondering where those items went to? "I made a new one!", I simply proclaim!

I know, it's a problem. The first step is admitting it, right?

Well, in any case, I find myself eager to share a particular list with you. My wedding photography bucket list! I'm sure just as all my lists go, I'll add more to this one. But I promise, I'll leave you the gratification of seeing it crossed off!

See if you can help me cross one of my items off my list!

If you are planning a wedding and any of these locations or themes are involved, let's get together! Hint: you'll probably get some extra goodies!


Savannah, Georgia

Charleston, South Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina



New Zealand

At a national park

On a mountain - and I mean, ON a mountain!





Private/Intimate - think: just the bride + groom


Black Tie Affair

Floral bridesmaid dresses

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