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Troy + Desiree : Seaside Engagement

I don't even know where to start, to try to put down the words I feel about this session...

See, that sentence barely even made sense. These two people are my daughter's godparents after all. They hold such a special place in my family's life.

Okay, here's my attempt. Forgive me for rambling.

My now husband and I met Troy in college, when he first got to JSU. He was rushing the fraternity David was in and it was pretty clear we were all hitting it off and would become friends.

And that we did.

Troy also joined the rugby team, a sport that plays a huge part of mine and David's lives. The three of us spent nearly every day together our last few years of college. We did a lot of traveling with the rugby team, most of which was done in my two door Honda Civic. We loaded that trooper of a go-cart down with smelly cleats and rugby bags on the regular. I might also mention that car lost air somewhere between sophomore and junior year. We spent spring breaks, new years, Thursday nights, gamedays, summer trips, sibling ball games, everything together. He practically lived with us and we even dubbed a guest room in our first home as, "Troy's room". He essentially, quite literally, became our brother from another mother. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. For real though, this guy is family.

And then came Desiree. Que the fairy dust because that's what I think of when I think of the two of them meeting.

At this point Dave and Troy were playing rugby for the Chattanooga Men's League. Desi had come to a game with a friend and first saw Troy there. It's customary to have a big social with the two opponents after the match, and that's when they met. And seriously guys, the rest. is. history.

Desire is a kind, loving, beautiful, generous, caring, hardworking, boss lady of a woman.

I am SO happy these two found each other. I'm thankful for Desiree. I'm thankful that, not only did Troy find his partner in life, but I have found a lifelong friend. Real friends are hard to come by these days, ya know. You have to work hard to nurture and care for your friendships. I'm glad to have found someone who is worth the effort. It's refreshing to have a relationship where your likes and dislikes are not always the same, where you each bring different attributes and ideas to the table. I find that she contains many of the strengths I need in a friend.

I always envisioned life as adults, spending vacations together with Troy and his family. Now it's actually happening.

I'm excited for our futures together. I'm excited to watch our families grow.

I'll be sitting this wedding out, as a photographer anyway. But, you can catch me on the flip side! I'm excited to stand next to Desi as a bridesmaid. David will also be in the wedding, as the best man and Evy will be a sweet flower girl.


Now on to the session.

I wasn't sure that I'd actually photograph Troy & Des when they got engaged. Not because I didn't want them in front of my camera, because I mean, c'mon, let's get real..have you looked at these two human beings? But because I told them a while back I wanted to go as a guest and for them to have a session with whoever they booked as their wedding day photographer. That was the game plan.

Now fast forward to a few days before Fourth of July weekend, when our two families plus another would be vacationing together in Seaside, Florida. Troy called me and started talking about their save the dates. At that point I think I stopped listening to him, and just said "Thank goodness!" Yay! I knew where he was going with this... and I was so glad he did. I had secretly wanted to bring my camera and just see how they felt about taking a few snaps, just because. Now I wasn't being pushy asking to take their photos, I wasn't taking away from something they were desiring to do with another photographer, I was getting two drop dead gorgeous people in front of my camera and to top it all off, I was going to be shooting in a dream location!

No matter where you turn, the town of Seaside is picturesque. Not to mention, the beach, at sunset.


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