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A couple of months ago a friend of mine contacted me for some head shots. He wanted to meet up while he was visiting back home. Some of you probably know this friend of mine. He's quite the character. A funny guy some would say.

I knew I wanted to reach a little deeper and try to capture more than just a few smiling and non smiling poses. This guy is a comedian. Comedians are funny. Comedians are expressive and passionate. They aren't the type of people to just stand up against a wall. They're more the type to make fun of that sort of pose. I needed to make you see and feel his humor through my images. So, I had my work cut out for me.

Luckily this guy really is a friend of mine. So, he just told me jokes the whole time. A lot of them I laughed at. One of them I stared blankly at him after.... just kidding. Everything that comes out of this guy's mouth is hilarious. Sometimes people might wonder if he just sits around thinking of this stuff, and while I'm sure he does for some of it, he honestly just lives this life of amusement. Things just happen to him. It's like he keeps getting gifts of hilarious encounters and adventures. Some really, really strange gifts.

If you're from Jacksonville, you'll recognize the places in the images. We took them all on the square. I mean, it's only appropriate to take them in front of Pelham's and Brother's. It's where Stroup got his first gig. And it was were he was performing that night.

Be sure to follow Derrick Stroup and catch him live if you can!

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