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Home session with the McLeods

Y'all, I absolutely adore in home sessions. There is something about them that feels so much more authentic, so raw and full of emotion, than a "typical" outdoor session. It's always my goal to get my clients to let loose and enjoy the moments they're in during a session, rather than worrying about if everyone is smiling perfectly or if every strand of hair is in place. Those type of images just lack a memory to me. Years from now you'll even have to look back and wonder what year it was or what age each of you were, possibly even where you were at. The sessions where clients let go of any preconceived idea of what it "should" be like and simply live in the moment, all snuggled up and enjoying each other is where the real emotion is. Those are the images where you'll look back and say, "I can remember that moment", you'll remember what it felt like. You'll remember the particular season in your life.

Those are the types of images I want to create for you.

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