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Sarah & Adam

I honestly can't stop gazing over these gorgeous images of Sarah & Adam!

Adam asked Sarah to marry him on New Year's Eve, where his family hosted an annual NYE party. He had secretly been planning to ask her for over five months, all while enlisting his some of his family and friends to help him build a rock fireplace where the party would be, and where he would soon be proposing. He worked diligently on the project day after day, even on Christmas Eve. Sarah was so confused at why it meant so much to him to complete the project before NYE, but that part would be revealed in due time. During the party, Adam's eleven year old little sister, like she so often did, asked them to play a guessing game with her, which consisted of everyone being blindfolded. At the right time, Adam got up and led Sarah to the fireplace he built and asked her to marry him! It soon all made sense and Sarah was overwhelmed with joy, and elated with all that Adam did to make the moment so incredibly special for her. After she said yes, he quickly turned her around to both of their families standing their cheering them on!

Sarah & Adam chose to have their engagement session at Dawson's Honeysuckle Farm, where they'll be getting married in June. The venue is absolutely gorgeous with an unlimited amount of space and backdrops for the perfect romantic and rustic setting. I can't wait to see what it looks like on their wedding day!

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